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Problem solving idea for the classroom – webinar

Over the next week I want to speak to 100 maths teachers about an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a while. Please sign up below!

They say “necessity is the mother of invention”; well, I got frustrated at how much time I was spending finding the right maths problems for my classes (the kind of maths problem I can’t write myself). I’d search all the obvious places – nrich, AQA, Ed Southall, Mike Ollerton’s books, and more – and it took forever.

There hasn’t been a faster way than a personal trawl through these various sources and that’s what I think I can change.

I was awarded some grant money from the wonderful innovation team at Nesta to explore the idea further and I’m now ready to get feedback from teachers.

I’d like to hear what your problems are around, erm, delivering maths problems to students and I have a mock-up website to show you.

If the response to what I’ve got so far is positive, the next step is to discuss with nrich, AQA, Ed Southall and so on. If it’s well received by them then I go into production.

Anyhow, I appreciate it’s the summer holidays but if 100 of you could spare 30 minutes I’d love your thoughts on my cunning plan. Please sign up to one of the following timeslots and I’ll send you the details of how to view and contribute.

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One Thought on “Problem solving idea for the classroom – webinar

  1. Helen Maden on August 21, 2017 at said:

    Missed the slots but really interested. I am Helen Maden – you made my reply a guest blog a couple of years ago. In our school, we now have the basics ‘nailed’ and so am looking at the problem solving aspect of Maths. During Autumn 2017, I am also working as an SLE in a low achieving school. Would love to hear from you. Best wishes Helen.

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