10 things to check before starting flipped learning

Asked by @MsFindlater for some advice on getting going with flipped learning, I spontaneously came up with 10 things to check before taking the plunge.

Check that…

  1. All or nearly all pupils have internet at home (or you’ve thought of workarounds for those who don’t).
  2. You can create or curate decent content for pupils to study from after-hours.
  3. You’re ready to change the way your lessons are structured. What you do with the extra time in lessons depends on what you had them do for homework.
  4. You’re not trying to do too much too quickly (but you will need to do a lot of work up front).
  5. You can give time to explicitly teaching the self-study skills they’re going to need.
  6. Your line manager and headteacher support your plans because you can convince them of the genuine merits to go ahead.
  7. You’re prepared to do it 150% for one half-term – piecemeal doesn’t work – and then improve the model if you see added-value in what you’ve been doing.
  8. You’ve got the IT know-how. If you’re reading this, you probably know enough to get the content up and get you off the ground. Could you troubleshoot internet problems over phone?
  9. You can bring parents in for a big meeting to tell them about the changes to their child’s homework pattern and the support they’ll need at home (a quiet space to work, working internet, time on the computer).
  10. In the age of research-led practice, you’d have clear metrics for measuring the progress of your class and that of a control group.

There are tonnes of people with far better advice than me. If you’re one of those, add your top tips in the comments.

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