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  1. Cool.

    Taught all in one lesson?

    Would you then practice the whole sequence once per lesson while potentially stopping and going over bits again if it’s not 100%?

    1. Good question Victor. Nope, not all in one lesson. Typically over the course of 4 lessons – 9s and 3s in lesson one, 6s and 7s in lesson 2, 8s and 4s (not seen in the training video) in lesson 3 and then a rnu-through and video recording in lesson 4.

      We’d rarely do the whole sequence after that. Typically one or two tables in a lesson.

      1. Thanks Bruno,

        I want to aim for 100% participation and I anticipate some non-compliance.

        After the first run up to “Yes!”, and it’s not 100%, I’ll say something like “Okay team, that was great, we’re just missing a few people and I’d like to hear everyone with us”

        We go again and it’s still not 100%, maybe I say “Okay guys, that was even better that time, we just have one or two voices missing from the team, let me hear you all doing it so that Mr x can hear us down the hall and be impressed”

        We go again and it’s not 100%, what would you suggest at that point?

        Move on and say something like “it seems that a few of us want to be learning this with me after school today”? or
        “Team, making mistakes is okay with me, but I expect everyone to be participating and trying in my class, x and x, see me afterschool”? or,
        “x and x you have lost participation points, I want you to join in with the team so you be on track to becoming a TTRS and going home on time today”?

        I’m aiming for the last one now that I’ve written out a few options, but then I’m cautious that it could go against culture, or draw undue attention to the students singled out. What do you think?


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