Chromebooks for Blended Learning – BETT 2014

Here are my slides from BETT 2014.

The general ideas are that:

  1. There is a brick wall of technology that gets in the way of learning.
    Many laptops or desktop computers used in schools are unreliable, the workflow for sharing and collaboration on them is tedious and, in many other ways, they are time consuming to use. As a result, teachers don’t use them as much as they would.
  2. There is no such brick wall of technology where Chromebooks are used.
    Chromebooks are reliable, make sharing and collaboration easy and, in many ways, reduce the time to do many things. They are fit for purpose for 90% of computer usage in the classroom.
  3. Using Chromebooks has allowed me to iterate with different forms of blended learning.
    With each iteration – from Flipped learning to Flex 2.0 – I’ve personalised the learning a little more each time.

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