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Chromebooks for Blended Learning – BETT 2014

Here are my slides from BETT 2014. The general ideas are that: There is a brick wall of technology that gets in the way of learning.Many laptops or desktop computers used in schools are unreliable, the workflow for sharing and collaboration on them is tedious and, in many other ways, …

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Designs for this half-term’s class badges

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When we started blended learning, life was good. My pupils began studying more independently and their work rate went up but it didn’t take me long to realise there was something missing to sustain their productivity – they needed their efforts to be recognised more than before. Having had a …

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Equipment for recording videos

For the blended learning work I have been doing, I set up a little recording station and try to blast through a sequence of short videos in a row. It takes a bit of time to set up the equipment and I find that it’s best to get a few …

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Press Cutting: Google: giving teaching back to the teacher?

Links Journalist – Peter Gothard – Education section

Chromebooks or iPads for my students?

Let’s get this out of the way up front. I’m brand agnostic. I use Microsoft, Apple and Google products every day. I enjoy using their hardware and their software for professional and for personal purposes. This is not an Apple vs Google debate. This is about technology in the classroom …

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Ten Tips for Great Chromebook Routines

Slides from my second presentation at Bett.

Project 24: Google came to visit

Google: “Can we come in and see how you’re getting on with all the Chromebooks?” Mr Reddy: “Sure, when would you like to come?” Google: “How about Wednesday 14th November?” Mr Reddy: “OK but we’ll have only been using them for 2 days. We won’t be doing anything fancy.” Google: …

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Project 24: Getting off to a good start with Chrometime culture

I’ve just come back from a study trip to the States to see blended learning in action (see Rocketship and Arthur Ashe). One of the many things I learned was that classroom culture around the computers is everything and from tight routines comes good culture. So before doing much maths …

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Chromebook Update: This-thing-needs-a-name

With a one-to-one computer initiative, a blended learning plan in the oven* and a team of people involved from KSA, ARK and Google, the scale of things has gone from one-man-and-a-class to this-thing-needs-a-name level. I’m a big fan of word association games – probably too many Saturday mornings watching Mallet’s …

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