#MathsCounts – vote for the logo

Thanks for voting on the name of the “I was never any good at maths” campaign.

Voting is now closed and the top 5 were:
#CountMeIn 54 votes × mean score 4 stars = 216 points
#CanDoMaths 62 votes × mean score 3.5 stars = 217 points
#EasyAsPi 69 votes × mean score 3.5 stars = 241.5 points
#ProMaths 70 votes × mean score 3.5 stars = 245 points
#MathsCounts 55 votes × mean score 4.5 stars = 247.5 points

So the winner is… #MathsCounts as suggested by @mathsjem

Now it’s time to help chose a logo!

Thanks to the wonderful Natalia Baker who has worked at her usual hyperspeed to come up with the logos you’ll see below.

Please rank them and offer your stylistic comments. Thanks everyone!

Voting will close on Sunday 23rd November 2014.

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