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#OfstedMaths roundup

It was a pleasure to host the #OfstedMaths twitter chat the other night. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question beforehand, who contributed on the night and to @harfordsean and @janejoneshmi. If you come away with one thing it should be… Ofsted don’t have a preferred lesson style, marking …

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#OfstedMaths Twitterchat with Sean Harford and Jane Jones

This is the chance to ask two prominent Ofsted inspectors for answers to our questions on maths as it relates to inspections. Send your questions in advance and/or vote for questions that others are already posing, by clicking here: And then remember to follow the #OfstedMaths hashtag on Thursday …

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Ofsted and mastery of maths – direct from Jane Jones HMI

If you work in a school where the senior management are reluctant to adopt a mastery curriculum and all the things that go with it (teaching style, intervention structure, assessment systems, etc.) then point them here! I had the opportunity to listen to Jane Jones HMI speak at the Maths …

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#NoGoodAtMaths – please vote for your favourite hashtag

Thanks to all those who responded to my call for a hashtag for the “I was never good at maths” campaign. More than 50 responses came in and the best are shared below. Now I need you to rate each one! If any of them have inspired you to come …

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Maths National Curriculum 2013

The Department of Education has published the National Curriculum in England for Maths for KS1 & KS2 and for KS3. Keystages 1 and 2 National Curriculum in England for Maths Keystage 3 National Curriculum in England for Maths Related Posts Summary of proposed changes to GCSE Mathematics Latest on reforms …

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Latest on reforms to maths GCSE and A-levels

From Independent Chair’s report on the review of current GCE ‘specification content’ within subject criteria, published 6th September 2013. Do aims and objectives [of A level mathematics] need to change? If so, what change is needed? Only minor changes are required to strengthen the sense that mathematics is a subject …

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Summary of proposed changes to GCSE Mathematics

Changes to Format/Administration Grades 8 to 1 (not corresponding to A* to G – aim is to even out the distribution more) Still tiered; still “overlapping” tiers but degree of overlap may well change Assessment by terminal examination only;  minimum assessment time 3.5 hours No “SPAG” marks in Mathematics Still …

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King Solomon Academy – Primary and Secondary rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted

KSA Ofsted Report May 2013 Link to Ofsted page

Maths competition for UK 16-18 yr olds – Prize is to sail with an Olympic medallist

Reposted from Put your maths skills to the test and win a sailing lesson with a double-gold Olympic medal winning sailor! If you think maths is done from behind a desk, think again! The Transversal Maths Challenge gives pupils the chance to test out their maths skills in the …

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#DanMeyerFacts Infographic

What would Dan Meyer do with the #DanMeyerFacts tweets coming through in the last couple of days? Probably not this: #DanMeyerFacts | Create infographics Resources Download the #DanMeyerFacts archive

PROMYS Summer Program for mathematically ambitious students – scholarships available

PROMYS is an intensive summer program for mathematically ambitious students – six weeks at Boston University followed by one week at Oxford University. The Clay Mathematics Institute is fully funding the PROMYS participation of up to ten European students. The students will follow up their six weeks at PROMYS with …

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Press Cutting: Google: giving teaching back to the teacher?

Links Journalist – Peter Gothard – Education section

World Maths Day – World Record Rolling Numbers

To celebrate World Maths Day today, we decided to set a world record for the largest number of people rolling numbers! We had the year 3s, 4s, 5s, 7s, 8s and a handful of year 9s plus staff and visitors from KSA’s primary and secondary schools. The grand total – …

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Newsnight – more footage of KSA ‘released’

Newsnight used footage of their September visit to King Solomon Academy “as an example of a school that already works to ensure all pupils progress.” Thank you Sanchia Berg! Related posts Times Table Rock Stars Rolling Numbers “Hi Bruno, BBC are in reception for you.”    

What has Jo Boaler got to do with it? [Maths at KSA, that is.]

At KSA, we teach maths in mixed ability groups all the way through Keystage 3 (ages 11-14) and I now think it’s one of the smartest decisions we ever made. When I was appointed Head of Maths, before the school even opened, the Headteacher asked me How do you feel …

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“Hi Bruno, BBC are in reception for you.”

Well, there’s an email I didn’t think I’d ever receive. Who could it be and why were they here to see me and not the headteacher? It can be strange what goes through my head. “I’m too young to meet Michael Aspel just yet. Pretty sure I’m not going to …

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