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Problem solving idea for the classroom – webinar

Over the next week I want to speak to 100 maths teachers about an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a while. Please sign up below! They say “necessity is the mother of invention”; well, I got frustrated at how much time I was spending finding the right …

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#NoGoodAtMaths – please vote for your favourite hashtag

Thanks to all those who responded to my call for a hashtag for the “I was never good at maths” campaign. More than 50 responses came in and the best are shared below. Now I need you to rate each one! If any of them have inspired you to come …

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Good luck GCSE students – with a little help from my friends

Good luck Just wanting to wish pupils sitting their GCSE maths exams in the next couple of weeks, the best of luck. I remember what it feels like to be revising hard at this stage and the exam nerves on the day. It wasn’t that long since I last did …

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Plan 50 – where my maths GCSE class are going to get their next 50 marks

Plan 50 is the name I’m giving to a drive for each of my year 11 pupils to gain an additional 50 marks in their final mock exam in March compared to one they’ve just done in November. The list below is all the things I’m going to cover over …

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Sports Day Infographic

Background The Head of PE (Nic Christo) asked me if we could do some cross-curricular work in maths lessons that linked to the upcoming sports day. To keep the buzz of sports day going, Nic wanted English, Maths and Science to do some sort of project. So year 8 scientists …

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Times Tables Rock God Wrangle – Event Teaser [Video]

Related links Times Tables Rock Stars Strategies for learning, understanding and remembering the times tables

Pupils checking each other’s work

In my class I run a simple pupil-checking-pupil-work system. Pupil A completes work and puts hand up in shape of letter V (for ‘validate’). Specific training beforehand as to which fingers to use! Teacher, wearing Validator sign on the end of a lanyard goes over to check for 100% accuracy. …

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Laying down the gauntlet – Mathematical Wrangles

Poetry slams, rap battles and Mock The Week all pit the sharpest minds with the sharpest tongues against other (well, two out of three do). Opponents must outdo each other through rounds of linguistic duelling, with escalating wit and dexterity. One of my favourite slam poets is Taylor Mali and …

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Montage of students on computers

Project 24: Keeping Parents Informed

We ran four parent information events to ensure that families understood the changes to their children’s maths studies as a result of Project 24. Presentation from me Here are the slides I used: Thank you to Jaime Casap who put the bulk of these slides together originally. Role Play After …

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Rocketship Sí Se Puede

Today I had the pleasure of visiting one of the reknowned Rocketship schools. They were incredibly hospitable, the pupils were working hard, and the instructors answered all my hundreds of questions. Thanks to all, especially the principal, Mr Elliot-Chandler. School Type: primary school (K-5) Model: Lab rotation model where students …

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What we learned in New Orleans from FirstLine Schools

A couple of colleagues* and I have been fortunate enough to spend the last few days in New Orleans at the Virtual Schools Symposium – yes, we have very supportive line managers! While we were there, FirstLine Schools showed us round their Arthur Ashe Charter School and gave us the …

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Chromebook Update: This-thing-needs-a-name

With a one-to-one computer initiative, a blended learning plan in the oven* and a team of people involved from KSA, ARK and Google, the scale of things has gone from one-man-and-a-class to this-thing-needs-a-name level. I’m a big fan of word association games – probably too many Saturday mornings watching Mallet’s …

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Chromebooks are not just for Christmas

On the back of my Time-Shifted Teaching trial last year, we’re going ahead with a larger scale pilot of blended learning this year. I found that there were a number of barriers to time-shifted teaching, including pupils’ access to computers at home. A chance discussion with ARK (the multi-academy network …

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Times Tables Rock Stars

In my year 7 classes at the start of every year, it’s a sad truth that not all of them know their times tables off by heart. By not having this basic building block, problem-solving later on in maths is always going to be light on solving and big on …

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Animated Mini Maths Lessons Using

We’ve just run a school-wide competition for the best animated mini maths lessons. Pairs of pupils composed short animations (using*) on a maths objective of their choice. The animation had to meet the following criteria: It had explain a particular learning objective from the year so far It had …

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Getting pupils into LOGO

  One of my memories of having fun learning maths was being shown how to control a ‘turtle’ so that it traced a path of my choosing across the computer screen. Maybe because I got to be the boss of something or because the learning curve was short and shallow, …

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